Your Very Own Magazine? It’s Not Just For Oprah Anymore

Would you like to have your very own magazine???

This self-professed book lover probably doesn’t write enough about the reading of magazines, something that struck me as I read about an intriguing new app for the iPad called Editions.  The app uses proprietary algorithms and technology to create a totally customized digital magazine for each subscriber, each and every day.

The app claims to “read you” by tracking your reading habits and matching them with recent articles that it believes will be of most interest to you.  Apparently you receive your own customized magazine of 30-40 pages every day at a time of your choosing.

Although I’m not a big magazine reader myself (not to mention that I don’t have an iPad), this technology intrigues me, at least in principle.  30-40 pages each day does seem like a lot of content, too much for me.  But then again, if it’s super-relevant for my needs and interests, it might just be an amazing tool.

Have any of our serious magazine readers out there tried the app?  Let us know how its working for you by commenting below.

You can read all about the new app from AOL, which was brought to our attention by Publishing Perspectives.  Go directly to the Editions website here.

Happy reading!

Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO