Top 10 Quotes “On Reading” From Famous Book Lovers

Portrait of book lover Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson: Book lover, bibliophile, and 3rd President of the United States

Several times each week we post a quote about reading from a famous book lover on the GoneReading Facebook Page.  What started as a nice little tidbit “on reading” for our fans has grown into an on-going, informal poll, earning “likes” from countless readers and bibliophiles around the world.

Our daily quotes have become so popular that we’re compiling the “likes” and “comments” from Facebook into a list of the Top 10 Quotes “On Reading” From Famous Book Lovers.

Beyond that, we’re actually using the quotes as part of our product development plans for the future.  Thanks to everyone’s participation in our poll, you might just see your favorite quotes printed on GoneReading merchandise in the future!

Our current leader is “I cannot live without books” by Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson, an avid book lover and collector, amassed a huge collection of books that he eventually sold to the federal government of the United States.  Even today you can view his book collection in person at the Library of Congress.

Do you have a favorite quote that we need to know about?  Please comment below, post it on our Facebook Page, or email us using the form on the Contact Us page!

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Happy reading!

Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO
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