Jane Austen Gifts Buyers Guide

Book Bookmark - Jane Austen Quote
Book lovers typically don’t need any introduction as it pertains to the work of Jane Austen. As you may recall, the English romance novelist lived from 1775 to 1817 and, in her brief life, is famous for classic work such as Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility.

Jane Austen’s work is timeless, making the author a fan favorite among book and reading enthusiasts. And when books just aren’t enough, there are Jane Austen gifts to select from as well. Here’s a look at some popular Jane Austen items you can don at your next book club or purchase for that Jane Austen fan on your shopping list:

  • Pride and Prejudice – The Trivia Game: Yes, there’s a Pride and Prejudice game – a trivia game to be specific. Whether you’re a Pride and Prejudice expert or just a casual fan of this piece of Jane Austen work, this is the game for you and your fellow Jane Austen fans. The game offers a wide range of questions, and even uses old English spelling for extra authenticity. It’s a must-have for any fan of Pride and Prejudice and makes for a great time with a group of other book lovers.
  • Jane Austen Shirts: Jane Austen shirts are perfect for the fan that just can’t help but flock their love for the English author. There are a few different shirts to choose from: The “Read ‘em and Weep” Jane Austen T-Shirt for Women depicts a stack of popular Jane Austen titles next to a box of tissues under the verbiage stated above. The Jane Austen for President T-shirt for Women is in the American colors of red, white, and blue.
  • Bookmarks: What better way to mark your page while you’re reading your favorite Jane Austen book than with a special Jane Austen bookmark? These bookmarks are affordable and can make great small Jane Austen gifts for all the ladies in your book club. Choose from a few different quotes to add onto your bookmark, such as a classic from Emma in Austen’s novel of the same title.
  • Pocket Posh: How well do you and your friends know Jane Austen? Find out with the Pocket Posh Jane Austen, which contains over 100 puzzles and fun quizzes related to the author’s work. The booklet contains crossword puzzles, word searches, cross-outs, and more. It’s perfect for everyone, from the casual Jane Austen fan to the Jane Austen fanatic. Test your knowledge by quizzing your friends or pick up this item as a gift for one of your Jane Austen-loving friends.

There are many more Jane Austen gifts to choose from, including wine charms made from Scrabble tiles, Jane Austen-inspired candles and fragrances, book text posters, and word magnets. To browse more Jane Austen gift ideas, shop now!