3 Tips for Choosing the Best Book Shirts for Book Lovers

According to the New York Writers Coalition, Americans buy 57 books per second or approximately five million books daily. If you were to try and place all those books on one continuous bookshelf, it would have to measure almost 80 miles long. While books may seem to be the obvious choice as gifts for book lovers, selecting the perfect book for someone can be a daunting task. Consider a creative alternative and give the gift of a book shirt.

Reading t-shirts make ideal gifts for any bibliophile. When choosing the right book shirt for your favorite bookworm, consider three tips.“Take Me To Your Reader” T-Shirt for Women

Focus on a favorite author

Avid readers often maintain complete collections from their favorite authors, making it difficult to present a book as a gift. Reading t shirts with whimsical graphics and sayings about a favorite author offer a unique and creative alternative as gifts for book lovers. It’s likely a Jane Austen fan owns everything from Pride and Prejudice to Persuasion and Emma. However, a book shirt that proclaims “Jane Austen for President” offers the Austen fan a chance to show her love for the prolific author when browsing the corner bookstore, attending book club or relaxing at home with a copy of Mansfield Park.

Librarian t shirts to celebrate a librarian’s passion

Librarians enjoy daily interaction with other book lovers and have access to thousands of books. Typical gifts for librarians often include scented candles, gift certificates and book-themed items. Librarian t-shirts offer an original gift idea, allowing a favorite librarian the opportunity to proudly display her love for books and her profession. Librarian t-shirts with graphics stating “Librarians Rock” or “Home Away from Home” with a picture of a library are thoughtful gift choices. A librarian will appreciate a reading t-shirt with the phrase “Paradise Found” and a picture of a library.

Pair a book shirt with other book themed gifts

Reading t-shirts paired with another book-themed item create a clever gift package for someone special. Pair a fun reading t-shirt with the words “Read. Nap. Repeat.” with a cozy fleece throw, mug for coffee or tea and box of gourmet cookies. For a sci-fi fan, a book shirt with an alien and the phrase “Take me to your Reader” pairs well with a biography about a reader’s favorite science fiction writer.

When shopping for book shirts, remember to consider the reader’s favorite authors and genres, as well as fashion preferences, including preferred colors and correct sizing. Many fun t-shirts celebrating the love of books and reading can be found in various colors, designed to complement any book lover’s style.