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GoneReading & Ethiopia Reads

When I heard that Ethiopia Reads would be holding a fundraiser near GoneReading HQ, I knew that my wife and I would be there, check in hand.  Followers of GoneReading might know that Ethiopia Reads is one of our primary “mission partners” – amazing non-profit organizations that specialize in the creation of new reading libraries […]

The 411 On Book Collecting – Guest Post

I would like to thank Benjamin Clark – the man behind The Exile Bibliophile blog – for putting this introduction to book collecting for the fans of GoneReading.  Interested in learning more?  Check out his excellent blog! Happy Reading! Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO http://www.gonereading.com/   Intro to Book Collecting by Benjamin Clark It’s […]

Top 5 Reads: The Best Vampire Books of All-Time

Looking for a scary read?  In search of a vampire-ish gift for the readers in your life?  Look no further. Just in time for Halloween, I’m thrilled to release the results of our latest poll: “What’s the best vampire-themed book of all time?”  We recently posed that question to GoneReading’s growing legions of Facebook Fans.  The top […]

Four (and 1/2) Creepy Stories for the Bookish

Readers of this blog know that I periodically post links to websites and stories of particular interest to the bookish.  Over the last few months I’ve been compiling a list of such stories that are particularly ghoulish or creepy, knowing that it might make an interesting Halloween post. So here they are.  Don’t be scared, […]

Jane Austen for President!

My recent post announcing that I’m reading all of the Jane Austen novels (check out A Dude Reads Jane Austen) has been shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ more than virtually anything else we’ve done here at GoneReading.  Who knew? To capitalize on this (hey, it’s all for a good cause), I’m proud to introduce […]

Guest Blog: Jane Kurtz from Ethiopia Reads

As you probably know, GoneReading was started to help bring the magic of reading to the far corners of the world where it doesn’t exist. We’ve committed all year-end profits from the sale of our gifts for readers to fund new reading libraries in the developing world. As I learned while volunteering in Central America, I […]