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The 8 Scariest Books to Read this Halloween

There are hundreds of lists of the scariest books ever that you can find online. There are classic scary stories that appear in lists throughout the country, and some that are specific to a certain genre of readers. No matter what your passions are for reading, if you’re in the mood to be scared this Halloween season, […]

Best Books for a 21st Century Teen

Getting and keeping the attention of a 21st century teen can be, shall we say, difficult. Between Twitter, Facebook, iPads, texting, and everything else that teens are frequently occupying themselves with, picking up a book can be somewhat of an afterthought. The keyword – “can”. That’s why you need to select the best books for teens […]

How Fast Do You Read?

I thought you might get a kick out of this widget that tests how fast you can read as compared to the national average (USA).  I’m not going to tell you how embarrassingly slow it graded my own reading speed, but it was a fun little exercise. Interestingly, it also tells you how long it would take […]