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Four (and 1/2) Creepy Stories for the Bookish

Readers of this blog know that I periodically post links to websites and stories of particular interest to the bookish.  Over the last few months I’ve been compiling a list of such stories that are particularly ghoulish or creepy, knowing that it might make an interesting Halloween post. So here they are.  Don’t be scared, […]

Book Lover Browsing – 7 More Websites for Book Lovers

As I’ve written before, I’m constantly running across interesting websites for book lovers and readers.  Whether it’s unusual gifts for readers, book recommendations or something completely original, I keep an on-going list of such websites to bring them to your attention. The most recent list is provided below, courtesy of GoneReading.  As always, let me […]

Kindle’s Latest Coup: A “Fire” For The Holidays

Who still doesn’t want a Kindle?  Even the curmudgeon-iest book lovers among us, the old-school types who love their printed books, are “warming” to the idea of a hot Kindle “Fire” for Christmas. Bad puns aside, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire – announced just today – will surely be one of the most coveted gifts for readers […]

Top 5 Reads – The Funniest Books We’ve Ever Read

Try sitting through a newscast these days and I think you’ll agree that we could all use a little laughter.  Between the nonsense of the presidential campaign, the slumbering job market, and the space junk that is literally crashing down upon us, laughter is in high demand.  Seriously. With exactly this thought in mind, GoneReading recently posed a simple […]

Book Lover Browsing – 5 Websites that Caught Our Eye

Hey book lovers!  We continue to find interesting websites that we think you’ll find interesting.  Some useful, some funny, and some just plain weird, I hope you enjoy these little gems from around the web, courtesy of GoneReading! If you’re single, or just looking for some new “selling points” with your spouse, check out these […]

Your Very Own Magazine? It’s Not Just For Oprah Anymore

This self-professed book lover probably doesn’t write enough about the reading of magazines, something that struck me as I read about an intriguing new app for the iPad called Editions.  The app uses proprietary algorithms and technology to create a totally customized digital magazine for each subscriber, each and every day. The app claims to […]