Just for Bloggers

Just for BloggersGoneReading loves the blogosphere!  Countless bloggers from around the world have written about GoneReading and our philanthropic model: Using the power of commerce to provide new funding for libraries and reading-related charities around the world.

We’re grateful for every one of the bloggers who takes the time to spread the word about GoneReading.  We simply couldn’t succeed without the help of our blogger friends.

Do You Blog?  We Can Help You Help Us!

Here are some examples of how we can possibly help your blog, in exchange for mentioning GoneReading:

  • Up to a 20% discount on GoneReading merchandise for your readers.  We’ll create your very own coupon code to share on your blog and social media accounts!
  • 50% off GoneReading merchandise for use as prize giveaways on your blog.  Use the discount to buy any merchandise on our site.  We can ship to you, or directly to your winner(s), anywhere within the United States, Canada, the U.K. or Australia.
  • For qualifying blogs we offer the opportunity to do exclusive reviews of new products sold by GoneReading.
  • Inclusion in the “Blogs We Love” list on The GoneReading Blog (see left hand column).
  • Guest posting on The GoneReading Blog, including links to your own blog.  Of course, your article must be new and of interest to our readers.  Send us your ideas!

Perhaps you have an idea for a unique promotion between your blog and GoneReading?  Sounds great, let us know what you’re thinking.

Contact Us and Let’s Get Started!

Contact Us and let’s figure out how to accomplish our mutual goals.  By working together we can accomplish great things!