Library Fundraisers With GoneReading!

Fundraising with GoneReading

In 2012 GoneReading announced its library fundraiser programs to raise funds for public libraries in the U.S.  An extension of our philanthropic mission to fund libraries and reading-related charities in the developing world, this new program will generate real dollars for libraries here in our home country.

GoneReading’s library fundraiser programs build on the hugely successful fundraising models used by most American schools, churches and youth sports teams.  GoneReading’s unique collection of book-themed merchandise, however, provide a completely unique fundraising option for public libraries.

5 Reasons to Partner with GoneReading for Your Library Fundraiser

There are many reasons to partner with GoneReading for a library fundraiser, but perhaps we can best explain the opportunity with these five points:

1As mentioned above, a GoneReading fundraiser follows the proven models used by schools, youth sports teams and other groups.  These models have thrived for decades because they work!

Paradise Found in a Library by GoneReading

Paradise Found in a Library - Women's T-Shirt by GoneReading

2Book lovers LOVE our products, each designed exclusively for the reading enthusiasts that frequent your library.  Your supporters will LOVE our products, and your volunteers will feel comfortable selling them!

3All fundraising orders are placed on our website and shipped directly to the shopper.  You never handle any money, and your volunteers never have to chase down people to deliver their orders!

4Your volunteers can sell our products to their friends and family anywhere in the U.S., well beyond your local communities.  Everyone has far-away friends, aunts, uncles or grandparents who will love to buy our products!

5GoneReading offers an array of tools to make your library fundraiser a success: Training support and sales incentives for your volunteers, plus downloadable guides, forms and posters for easy printing.  And we’re always just a phone call away.

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Multiple Library Fundraiser Options – Let’s Discuss!

GoneReading offers a variety of fundraising options for your library system.  Whether recruiting a team of volunteers to sell our bookish products, implementing a viral campaign online, or providing our products for sale at your next book sale or fundraising event, GoneReading is here to help.

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