Our Brand

GoneReading is the lifestyle brand for readers.  If you want nothing more than to disappear for a while with your favorite read, then GoneReading is for you.  This persistent desire to “check out” or “escape” and read is the defining characteristic of the GoneReading brand.

Escape to the beach with your favorite Jane Austen volume; disappear to the corner coffee shop with your Kindle; tip-toe away and take a hot bath with your favorite magazines.

Escape, relax and read with GoneReading.  We don’t sell the books; we sell the idea of reading.

Lifestyle Merchandise for Readers & Book Lovers

Of course we can’t literally sell the idea of reading!  GoneReading manifests itself through our lifestyle products and gifts for readers – what we call “brilliant products for the reading lifestyle.”  GoneReading merchandise empowers you to proclaim your love of reading to the outside world, and improves your reading experience through practical lifestyle products.

A Philanthropic Brand

GoneReading is a philanthropic brand.  Its parent company, Gone Reading International, LLC donates 100% of after-tax profits to help fund libraries and reading-related charities around the world.